Erarslanlar Cold Storage builded under European Union Standarts and partially Financed by Turkish Government. Erarslanlar Cold Storage started its activities in 2015 in our farming area  1500m2 land. Together with our experienced staff, system, working personnel and equipments, we believed that we will overcome this business successfully.

Here are the perfect reasons to build or use cold storage for your harvesting :

  • Cost-effective storage of surplus production and efficient handling of delays in shipping or consumption
  • Desired temperature of the fruit in appropriate time
  • Keeps the freshness and quality of the vegetables and other products
  • Efficiency and easy to administrate
  • Hygiene and cleanliness permanent
  • Coolant of proven efficiency, friendly with nature
  • Prevents entry of insects and contaminants
  • Prevent cold loss
  • Preserve hygiene
  • It facilitates the storage and handling of pallets, without damaging them
  • System that allows large energy savings and resource optimization without contamination
  • Quality in refrigeration at a competitive price
  • Friendly with nature
  • Plenty of storage space for fruits and other products

***Saving Money***

We all waste hundreds of pounds each year on food that we throw away, not only is this costly but it’s also a waste of perfectly good food. By using a cold storage room it should be possible to make our food last much longer and minimise the amount of waste we all create.